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The #turbanschool is a Women Empowerment project that works with turbans, also known as headwraps.

Headwraps are a piece fabric that can be wrapped around the head in a variety of ways. They originated in Africa, but they are very contemporary. They are used in many cultures from India to the Caribbean, in Jamaica and are also part of the Afro-American identity.

The turbans themselves, used as an instrument of Women Empowerment, become the crown that each of us can wear each day. 

They change your posture, give a cool touch to every outfit and they’re wonderful!

Put together red lipstick, put together a group of women, that after the first moments of shyness learn how to give a stable shape to the styles that I teach them but also to invent new ones following their own manual skills, taste and sensitivity. Put together these women that help each other and that use selfies to admire themselves.

Personally, I push everyone to try to reclaim their sensitivity and taste while choosing fabrics and colors.

They’re crowns, so away with the old scarves and with colors that don’t look good with our skin tone, with or our eyes or with our mood. 

Usually I also teach a meditation, because Women Empowerment also means self-esteem, the right to be there, the complete acceptance of ourselves and our body, of how we feel in that moment, and the deep faith and awareness of our regality.