A space for you, with me.
Comfortably at home with pen and paper.
You can choose between single-call consultations, numerology consultations, remote care or tools to start meditating. We can also do long-term consultations in six sessions in which the first session is dedicated to defining the objective together. We then work on what is currently holding you back with some amazing techniques to move you towards your objective.
Disclaimer: I am neither a psychotherapist nor a psychiatrist; therefore, I can support the work done with a psychotherapist but not substitute it in case of chronical or clinical disorders.
For example – I’m depressed/I suffer from food disorders/I have a bipolar disorder/exc. – In the interest of your mental health it’s important that you speak to a specialist.
If it can help you together with (and not as a substitute of) the work done with your therapist, you can also work with me.

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