My name is Elisabetta, I’m a daughter of the sea and I like helping women take responsibility for themselves. I help women shine, teaching them how to cultivate their divineness; I help men to see their sacred masculinity and to recognize the Goddess within each woman. I remind everyone of their right to feel free

No one has ever really understood where I live, including me, but I do recognize where I feel at home. After travelling far and wide, in big metropolises and small communities, I currently live on a small, magical island in the Mediterranean Sea, kissed by the bluest water I’ve ever seen and hugged by mountains that were once volcanoes and still today hold the memory of their fire.

Travelling, knowing diversity, helping others and having a job that sustained me and allowed me to do all this was my childhood dream. I made mine come true, have you?

I am sure you can do it too. If you are ready and willing, I can guide you in the most interesting journey there is: the journey that leads you to yourself.

I want to give you back the confidence that will allow you to be and experience what you really are,  and that will allow you to EMANATE YOURSELF, your essence, with the innocence of a child. Do you remember when there were no limits, neither for you nor for the infinite possibilities that the world offered you?

I’ve been teaching yoga and meditation for 20 years, holding courses and workshops both in person and online. With the “Emanate Yourself” life coaching course, numerological consultations (Tantric Numerology) and healing techniques (Sat Nam Rasayan, Tetha Healing and the sorceress within me) I can help you shine and reach the success you deserve, and to Emanate Yourself. I can also help you wear your own crown through the #turbanschool, a Women empowerment project I founded in January 2017 that helps women who are undergoing chemotherapy. But most of all, I want to remind you of the power of sisterhood and of your essential right to enjoy life.

I BRING OUT THE SOUTH IN NORTHERN GIRLS, is a joke that was born during a retreat. What does it mean? It refers to the Latin soul that resides in each of us, regardless of north and south themselves. Like a dance on the streets in Cuba, dancing barefoot or a dive from a dock, like the straightforwardness of bread and tomatoes, like a light floral dress moved by the sea breeze. 

I guide and organize Retreats, that we call Meditative Adventures, always near the sea, always with all my heart.
I always create new workshops that I carry around as a love song for Life.


I deeply believe in the real and concrete fact that we’re all Soulstars, that we shine like stars and we’re a gift to the world, if we would only realize it. 

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Repubblica 27/11/2017

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