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My name is Elisabetta. I’ve been teaching yoga and meditation for 20 years and I’m a daughter of the sea.

I help women shine and see themselves as divine, I help men to see their sacred masculinity and to recognize the Goddess in women and I help everyone to feel free again.

No one has ever really understood where I live, including me, but I do recognize where I feel at home.

I’m currently living on a small Mediterranean island kissed by the bluest water I’ve ever seen and hugged by mountains that were once volcanoes and that still today hold the memory of their fire.

I cultivate the magic of nature and the maintenance of the goddess within me, and I love to see my dreams manifest themselves one after the other. 

I travel around Italy and the world with my workshops and trips. It was my childhood dream and I made it come true… and if you’re here, maybe it’s because you want to do the same with your dreams and to find your own new beginning.

Yoga Courses

Upkeep your divineness. A journey to fall in love with you, together with a community of women who grow together, who rejoice, who confront and support each other.

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Meditative Adventures. Wild nature, sea, helichrysum, sisterhood, bougainvillea. Sometimes surfing, sometimes trekking, sometimes water dances. Female laughter in the middle of the sea.

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Consultations 1:1

Star Coaching and Tantric Numerology. Two paths to give you a space all to yourself: a unique call for your birth date according to Tantric Numerology, or a long cycle, Star Coaching.

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